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Most of our handbags are handmade from PU leather. They are of high quality and up to date with the latest fashion.

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We have a variety of the following backpacks available: school, kiddies, laptop, trolley, hiking, etc.

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Wallets & Clutches

Our ladies wallets and clutch bags are beautifully handmade and available in many styles and colours.

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Hiking Gear

We not only offer hiking backpacks in assorted colours, styles and sizes, but daypacks and hydration packs too.

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We offer a wide variety of Imported Bags

Parco International is a privately owned company that is based in Crown Mines, Johannesburg.

We offer a large variety of Bags that are for sale to the public and available in Bulk, Wholesale and Retail quantities.

Our passion is to bring beautiful, high quality bags to South Africa. We strive to keep our customers satisfied by providing them with professional service and on trend products at an affordable price.

  • Our Handbags are handmade, One-of-a-kind or available in Bulk

  • School backpacks, Trolley backpacks, Kiddies Backpacks, Laptop Backpacks, etc.

  • We offer ladies wallets in beautiful colours and styles

  • Our hiking bags are available in different colours and sizes

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